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    COBI 2239 - M41A3 Walker Bulldog - Vietnam War

    Manufacturer: COBI
    COBI 2239 - M41A3 Walker Bulldog - Vietnam War
    EAN: 5902251022396
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    You can build the American M41A3 Walker Bulldog light tank from a set of 605 COBI construction blocks. The model contains elements covered with high-quality pad-prints. The design perfectly reflects the original shapes of its historical prototype. Moving wheels and working tracks, opening hatches, access to the block-shaped engine, movable turret and a very characteristic barrel are all featured in this set. Two standard American soldiers figures with accessories guarantee the satisfaction of owning this set!
    The Bulldog tank with its outpost completes the Vietnam War collection and is the perfect opponent to the Vietnamese T-54 tanks!

    The Walker Bulldog is an American light reconnaissance tank that was intended to stand up to the Soviet Cold War tanks. It entered service in 1951, successively replacing the now obsolete M24 Chaffee. It was characterized by good armor and speed. It was armed with the 76.2 mm M32 gun. Unfortunately, the engine consumed too much fuel and the tracks were extremely noisy which was undoubtedly a disadvantage of this vehicle.
    A total of 5,500 tanks were produced. The first combat use was in April, 1961 during the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba. Tanks were also found in Vietnam, where the advantage of the Soviet T-54s was felt. In 1965, the US government sold all it's tanks to South Vietnam and other interested countries.

    • 605 high-quality blocks,
    • produced in the EU by a company with an over 20 years of tradition od producing quality construction blocks,
    • meets all safety standards for products for children,
    • fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks,
    • pad-printed decorations - NO STICKERS,
    • 2 standard figures with accessories.