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COBI er en polsk fabrikant af byggeklodser. Webklodser.dk har valgt at forhandle deres World of Tanks serie samt nogle få ande spændende sæt med kampvogne og fly. Disse er meget tro klodskopier af de rigtige kampvogne.

Byggeklodserne fra COBI kan sagtens bruges sammen med Sluban, LEGO, Mega Blocks og andre mærker.


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T 34-85 , scale 1:48
155.00 (DKK) incl tax
Iowa-class battleship 4in1 scala 1:300 Executive Edition
1699.00 (DKK) incl tax
COBI WW2 4837 Missouri Battleship (BB-63)
1449.00 (DKK) incl tax
Cobi WW2 2275 Sd.Kfz.7 Half-Track
299.00 (DKK) incl tax
Sd.Kfz.7/1 with a 2cm Flakvierling 38 L/65 Executive Edition
345.00 (DKK) incl tax
The Rolls Royce armoured car was built in 1920
219.00 (DKK) incl tax
The Focke-Wulf Fw190 A-5 was a single-engine and single-seat very effective German fighter aircraft from the Second World War
235.00 (DKK) incl tax
Sd.Kfz 10 - Field Kitchen - Executive Edition
299.00 (DKK) incl tax
Sd.Kfz 10 Demag D7
239.00 (DKK) incl tax
MIG-17 East Germany Air Force
379.00 (DKK) incl tax
Citroen 15CV SIX D
195.00 (DKK) incl tax
The F-16D Fighting Falcon is a two-seater training and combat version
279.00 (DKK) incl tax
COBI WW2 4835 Battleship Gneisenau
1399.00 (DKK) incl tax
Cobi Small Army WW2 2046 - Narvik 1940 German soldiers
75.00 (DKK) incl tax
LIM - 5 Polish Air Force 1959
369.00 (DKK) incl tax
"Ghost of Kiev" (Ukrainian: Привид Києва) is the legendary, heroic pilot of an MIG-29 fighter of the Ukrainian Air Force who sows terror among the Russians.
429.00 (DKK) incl tax
WWII Panzer V Panther Ausf.G "Pudel"
429.00 (DKK) incl tax
WWII Panzer V Panther Ausf.G Sd.Kfz.171
429.00 (DKK) incl tax
The legendary Black Widow in a brand new automotive series from COBI
1149.00 (DKK) incl tax
COBI-22105 Battle of Midway
199.00 (DKK) incl tax
Panzer III Ausf.J , skala 1:48
155.00 (DKK) incl tax
Sherman M4A1 , scale 1:48
155.00 (DKK) incl tax
PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. G , scale 1:48
155.00 (DKK) incl tax
M4A3E8 Sherman , scale 1:48
155.00 (DKK) incl tax
Panzer IV , scale 1:48
155.00 (DKK) incl tax
The Mikoyan MiG-15 (Russian: МиГ-15) was the first mass-produced Soviet jet fighter.
279.00 (DKK) incl tax
S-102 Czechoslovak Air Force
279.00 (DKK) incl tax
Lim-1 Polish Air Force 1952
279.00 (DKK) incl tax
The tank and cannon models have been carefully designed in a 1:28 scale using 1065 COBI construction blocks
519.00 (DKK) incl tax
Modern Pershing tanks that served in the last months of World War II were characterized by high efficiency
429.00 (DKK) incl tax
The Mustang P-51D is a unique model with a historic legend behind it
229.00 (DKK) incl tax
The Messerschmitt BF 109 was the main Luftwaffe fighter from the Second World War
229.00 (DKK) incl tax