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Company of Heroes 3

The Sd.Kfz.251 was the basic half-track armored personnel carrier of the German army during World War II
329.00 (DKK) incl tax
The Marder III tank destroyer fought on many fronts of World War II
319.00 (DKK) incl tax
The M3 Stuart was an American light tank from World War II
329.00 (DKK) incl tax
A staple German WWII tank and a bold statement from the Axis against the Allies in the Company of Heroes 3 video game!
349.00 (DKK) incl tax
The M4 Sherman was the main American medium tank produced during World War II
349.00 (DKK) incl tax
The brick version is a great air traffic control tower for your airport and an observation point for any diorama
349.00 (DKK) incl tax
The 8.8 cm Flak is a German World War II anti-aircraft gun that successfully destroys ground targets.
215.00 (DKK) incl tax
The set of four figures includes representatives of each of the nations in the game
129.00 (DKK) incl tax
The Churchill was a British heavy infantry tank from the Second World War
349.00 (DKK) incl tax