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Cobi Small Army WW2 2813- LCVP - Higgins Boat

Cobi Small Army WW2 2376 - Patrol Torpedo Boot PT-305

The PT 305 was an American patrol boat armed with torpedoes
Cobi WW2 2464 - Sherman M4A1 D-Day

Cobi WW2 2464 - Sherman M4A1 D-Day

Sherman M4A1 D-Day version, used under D-DAY
Sluban Landingcraft M38-70070

Landgangsfartøj, Sluban Landingcraft M38-70070

Landgangsfartøj fra 2. verdenskrig fra Sluban´s Army serie

COBI & Sluban have made a few set used during D-DAY for 75 years ago