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Army battleships & boats

Modellen af ​​den berømte tyske ubåd U-47
299.00 (DKK) incl tax
The American PT-109 Patrol Boat is the largest and most detailed model in the history of COBI!
1649.00 (DKK) incl tax 1799.00 (DKK) incl tax
Graf Zeppelin is the only aircraft carrier in German history
1479.00 (DKK) incl tax
COBI WW2 4821 - HMS Belfast Light Cruiser
749.00 (DKK) incl tax
COBI WW2 4823 - Prinz Eugen
979.00 (DKK) incl tax
COBI WW2 4820 - HMS Warspite Battleship
779.00 (DKK) incl tax
Small Army WW2 COBI-4818 - Scharnhorst battleship
1199.00 (DKK) incl tax
Stor flot fregat bygget i 1797
299.00 (DKK) incl tax
Lille landgangsfartøj
99.00 (DKK) incl tax
Small Army WW2 - Bismarck Battleship. Tysk slagskib.
1029.00 (DKK) incl tax
USS Enterprise
1099.00 (DKK) incl tax
Landgangsfartøj fra 2. verdenskrig fra Sluban´s Army serie
219.00 (DKK) incl tax
Flot forsynings fartøj model i skala 1:450
319.00 (DKK) incl tax
Flot destroyer model i skala 1:450
359.00 (DKK) incl tax
Flot kæmpe hangarskib i skala 1:450
999.00 (DKK) incl tax
Battleship USS Iowa/Missouri 2in1, American battleships
1049.00 (DKK) incl tax